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I‘ve been busy putting my new bedroom together. I pulled it together with what I had. Well I did have to buy a few things. I repainted the wicker chairs for the second time.  My husband  gave the walls a fresh coat of white paint. I wanted a simple fresh looking space. I bought the tree of life wall hanging. The mat the end table and stripped fabric all came from Ikea. When my sister called my husband told her I was living at Ikea now. I did make a lot of trips there for sure. It will also be where I photograph my dolls.  I have their room set up at the opposite wall to the bed .It’s hard to photograph a” real people” room with my camera but I took a few pix anyway .Now I have two bedroom/ studio spaces. This one will double as a guest room as well. 





I’ve been very inspired by an artist who calls herself Art and Ghosts (Louise Robinson). I bought prints of her digitally produced pictures. I framed three of them for my room.  http://artandghosts.squarespace.com/

My Cassie has found her spot in the new room, along with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.




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I have finished a few projects that I needed to do but still have some other commitments that I am working on.Tessa projects are a bit on hold or at least sharing the time I have with other projects.

I won’t be doing a pre- order for Tessa at this time. I have put in an order but will be dressing and selling them one at a time. I think this will work better for me and will be inspiring. I will send notices when the dolls are for sale as I have in the past. I want to try working this way for awhile.

My general plan is to do a full set Tessa then a couple of outfit for sale. I know some of you who already own a Tessa may want other outfits for her.

Some visuals

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