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Hope you all had a happy Christmas.

It’s been too long since I wrote a post. I’ve had some sad family issues to live through at Christmas and some health issues as well.

Things are better now and I need to get back to my dolls.

I did manage to do this knitting project over  the Christmas season. I had recently bought the new version of Dollstown Estella thinking I would replace the old head on my 18 year body. Didn’t work out. I still prefer the older version with the wider face for the 18 year body. I gave her a new face up and left her as is.

I have the new version on my 17 year body and like her much better on this body. I knit this sweet dress for her. I did the skirt on circular needles then switched to straights for the rest. Lots of work in this. Knitting with two yarns is a bit tricky but I love the results.


I love red and golds. I’ve started working on a second dress which I will make for one of my dolls for sale. Plan on doing more sewing for sale in this new year.

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When I first received the 18 year Dollstown body for my Estella (natalia) I was obsessed with making outfits for her. My sister Kim made  her shoes to match many of them. I actually love the bigger size but do find her awkward to handle.

Yesterday I opened her box of outfits and hung the all up. It was fun to see them all together.Sometimes I really wonder why I love these dolls so much and creating outfits for them.

I never had a daughter (I have two lovely sons) so maybe that is part of the answer.I also love fashion as a art form. I do think it’s better to just enjoy what our desires bring to us and not question it to much.

Wardrobe1 Wardrobe2 Wardrobe3 Wardrobe4 Wardrobe5

Here are pix of her in these outfits done at the times I made them for her.

SweaterDress5 Wedgy2 NATKimono5 Nat&Phoeb1 Nat_U1 Nat_SQ_LG Nat_Pumpkin2 Nat_Pristine6 Nat_NewDress3 Nat_NetD1 Nat_FunFur8 Nat_F_D Nat_C&S2 Nat_Bath1

Hope you enjoyed seeing my lucky girl

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