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I have uploaded some cute overall outfits on Pink Grapefruit site. There is one for DT18, DT17 and one for my dolls.

I can’t seen to send a notice through my list. Outlook is rebelling . Hopefully my tech guy (husband ) can figure it out. I wont be sending advanced notices as there doesn’t seem to be a need. I will send them on the day I post new things.

Here’s the link




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Hope you all had a happy Christmas.

It’s been too long since I wrote a post. I’ve had some sad family issues to live through at Christmas and some health issues as well.

Things are better now and I need to get back to my dolls.

I did manage to do this knitting project overĀ  the Christmas season. I had recently bought the new version of Dollstown Estella thinking I would replace the old head on my 18 year body. Didn’t work out. I still prefer the older version with the wider face for the 18 year body. I gave her a new face up and left her as is.

I have the new version on my 17 year body and like her much better on this body. I knit this sweet dress for her. I did the skirt on circular needles then switched to straights for the rest. Lots of work in this. Knitting with two yarns is a bit tricky but I love the results.


I love red and golds. I’ve started working on a second dress which I will make for one of my dolls for sale. Plan on doing more sewing for sale in this new year.

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