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Happy Holidays

Holiday season is well under way. I wish you all merry times and lots of dolly fun.

I thank you all for a wonderful year. In the new year I will have a new head sculpt. She has just arrived safely in Korea. I’m hoping I will have her back by February so I can paint her and show her off.

I will be away from Dec.21 until Jan.3 . I will have my computer but email will be a bit sporadic.

My girls wish you all the best too

VD_M6 copy2


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A second outfit for Frida

Well she is just to much fun to create outfits for so I think she will end up with a great wardrobe. I suspect she did have one and some of her clothing is on display in her house ( now museum) in Mexico. I’m not so much trying to duplicate her outfits but just intuiting what I think she might like. I’m sticking to the Mexican tehuantepec huipil style that she mostly wore.






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