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I took these this morning with a new backdrop I purchased recently. They are DT Estella and Elysia.

Made their dresses this week too.

TheGirls_F1 TheGirls_FS1 TheGirls_M1 TheGirls_M3 TheGirls_M5

Estella is on the 18 year body and Elysia is on the 17 year body.

Thanks for checking them out.

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Variety really isn’t my strong suit. I have mostly Dollstown dolls and my own of course. Before I sculpted an original doll I collected some Dollstown dolls and sewed fashions for quite awhile. It took time to collect the info I needed to create a BJD and a little courage. I still have most of the first DT dolls I bought. I’ve changed their face ups a few times though.

Here they are: Mui-15 year body and Lucille on PG body are the end pieces.

Then : Arin -elf body, Seola-13 year, Amy-PG body, Estella- 18 year,

Seola-7 year, Ganga-5 year, dog.


My two dreamy Tessas




Cassie in her favorite outfit. I call her Ruby


My second Cassie.


My tan Tessa

Brown Tessa2 Brown Tessa1

My Tessa as Frida KahloFrida1

Lissa as a Geisha


Lissa on the DT17 year body



Love Bjd’s. After making dolls that couldn’t move for many years creating and playing with these dolls never get boring . Fantastic !!!!!

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