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This is a fun outfit I just finished. ( not available). It is modeled by my lovely Natalia (DT Estella on 18 year body). Kimmy made the shoes which were the inspiration for the outfit. I had just bought the fabrics awhile before . It was a match made in heaven. It can be worn a few different ways. Check it out.

D&L_F2 D&L_F3 D&L_FS1 D&L_FS3 D&L_M1 D&L_M4

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I’ve been trying to embrace the cold these days . We are having such a nasty winter here in Toronto. I dressed all my dolls in their winter clothes. My Natalia got a new coat in the process. She needs boots. I may attempt to make her a pair but if anyone knows which company might have a pair to fit the 18 year body I’d like to know.

Stay warm…spring is on the way. I did see a robin bop… bop…. poppingĀ along in the park a few days ago.


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