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In Three easy steps

I’ve been slowly working on this project for awhile. I saw the rack in a second hand store and saw the potential for a doll bench. It is a good size for my bigger girls . Three fit on it comfortably.

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I have a few shops I like to haunt just for a treat for my eyes and soul. Occasionally there is an object or prop I have to buy. My latest was this beautiful metal flowered archway.I have a thing for archways. I don’t know what it was before it ended up in my grasp. I want to turn it into a day bed for Tessa. She does love to lounge and does it beautifully.

This is just some play ….trying to get an inspiration but as usual I find you can’t force these things. So this is it…….what ever it is….

It’s quite heavy and large but has great potential. I’ll keep you posted. I want to do a room for Tessa so this will be the beginnings.

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